photograph by me lol.

a bio that no one asked for:

Two years ago, Mariam discovered that she has Aphantasia, which means that she can’t visualize anything in her head. Seriously, nothing. Her obsession with photography started to make a lot more sense: she’s overcompensating. Just kidding…not only does she get to show the world her perspective on life, she gets to show herself too.

When Mariam isn’t capturing landscapes, cultures, and people around the world, she’s exploring the various neighborhoods in NYC with her Minolta x-700 always in tow. She always finds herself drawn to facets of everyday life that are mostly overlooked, such as shadows, reflections, walls, etc.

Mariam studied electrical engineering and is now an Energy Engineer (her side hustle), which allows her to visit industrial sites all over the 5 boroughs of NYC and photograph places that most people don’t get to see. She takes pride in working on energy efficiency projects that help the environment, no matter the scale or the impact.



Instagram – @mmmmk1